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Road to Kununurra

Episode: 13
Broadcast: Date: 03/05
Presenter: Dan Paris

Sometimes the best part is the journey not the destination.

The Open Road

  • The Warmun Roadhouse offers guests a relaxing place to stay for the night, with powered caravan site or motel accommodation
  • Lake Argyle is Australia's largest artificial lake by volume.
  • Some Boab trees have been known to be older then 1500 years old, which makes them the oldest living beings in Australia, and puts them amongst the oldest in the world.
  • Valentine Springs is technically not considered a waterfall. Rather a small set of rapids, and a shallow warm pool.
  • Mirima National Park is the name given to the area by the Miriwoong people, who still live in the region and consider this area to be especially significant to their culture. It is also known as ‘Hidden Valley’.