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Perth Heart of Gold Discovery Trail

Title: Perth Heart of Gold Discovery Trail
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
Date of Broadcast: 3rd February 19

Chrissy discovers the cities golden secrets on an interactive adventure through the heart of the city, learning the nations remarkable gold mining history.

  • Discover Western Australia’s Gold History with the ‘Heart of Gold Australia’ app as you walk through Perth City.
  • You can start the tour at the Perth Mint or Elizabeth Quay and either way there are 11 stops along the walk, together with cutting edge technology providing an innovative way to discover all things gold in Western Australia.
  • History comes to life through the workers in gold today via videos at  many of the stops, like Mercedes College founded in 1846, a symbol of the role woman played in the early gold rush days and Government House.
  • Discover facts such as the first railway line to Kalgoorlie which was commissioned by WA’s first premier John Forest. It carried 61 passenger trains each day, taking thousands of people to work in the goldfields.. astronomical.
  • Pass the Ore obelisk, the obelisk represents the 15 Minerals which have contributed to the development and growth of Western Australia.
  • The year after Paddy Hannan stuck it rich in Kalgoorlie, 25,000 people from around the world rushed to WA to seek their fortune.
  • At the corner of the State Buildings, the app shows you the point at which all distances to country towns are measured from in Perth, with it being 595km from Perth to Kalgoorlie.
  • Before John Forests railway line, the early gold miners walked.. That’s over 740,000 steps in addition to carrying their equipment!
  • Western Australia has more than 40 operating gold Mines, including 11 of the largest Gold mines in the world. Australia is the 2nd largest producer of Gold in the world, with 70% of the total production in Western Australia.
  • The ‘Heart of Gold Australia’ app is available to download from the itunes or Google Play app store.
  • Make sure you download the app and discover Perth’s Heart of Gold on your next adventure in the city.