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Mandurah Chocolate Making

Episode: 6
Broadcast: 29 May 2016
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

If you have a sweet tooth you’ll love to visit Decadent C. In this segment Chrissy takes us to the café known for its mouth-watering creations.

  • Decadent C is located fifty minutes drive South of Perth in Mandurah.
  • The café started four years ago with four staff and now there are twenty people there.
  • Between the owner Jenny and her daughter Natalie who is a pastry chef by trade, they turn out a number of chocolates and cakes every week.
  • Originally Jenny wanted to have chocolate making classes but they were too busy keeping up with the demand.
  • The raw materials come from Belgium.

Check out their website for more details
P: +61 8 9583 5571