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Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail

Segment: Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail
Presenter: Christina Morrissy
TX Date: 6th January 2019

If you’re travelling to Esperance or the Goldfields from Perth, you may want to take the road less travelled and cut from Hyden across to Noresman, as there are more than a dozen great stops along the way.

  • 100m long and 15m tall, Wave Rock is Hyden’s most recognisable drawcard, though if you spend a day in the area you’ll discover even more. There is the cave where a man named Mulka would lure boys and girls to their deaths, and the make sure to watch the sunset from the nearby pool.
  • Once you head out of town the bitumen gives way to gravel, with the rabbit proof fence marking the end of farming country – this is the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail. You should check the conditions ahead of time, and make sure to let someone know you’re on the road – ring them when you’re on the other end.
  • 140km out of Hyden you’ll find Breakaways. The camping here is free, which is a good thing, as the sunrise hitting the rocks is a sight you don’t want to miss and even if you had to pay for it, it would be well worth the stay.
  • The Greater Western Woodland is the biggest temperate woodland in the world, coming in at about the size of England. The trees survive on less than 300mls of rain a year and are absolutely stunning.
  • The drive is full of incredible stop offs – camping at Lake Johnson, the uncrowded break at McDermid Rock, Disappointment Rock and Cherry Island, which is found in the midst of the most incredible gypsum patterns.
  • The town of Norseman is home to the Western Woodlands Interpretive Walk, as well as the Gallery of Isolated Splendour. Photographer Lynn Webb says that the best time to photograph the trees is on a stormy day, as well as on a clear evening.
  • Looking for a great road trip to explore WA? Make sure you add this one to your Bucket list!