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Tip on Common Car Issues While on the Road

Episode: 14
Title: Tip on Common Car Issues While on the Road
Broadcast: 6th May 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

So, you’ve taken the time off work, you’ve booked the holiday park, and you’re all set for your next road-trip adventure. But before even packing the car, there are some common car checks to do before you hit the road.

  • Things like a flat tyre or blown lights won’t ruin your day if you carry a spare in the car, check the tread and pressure of the tyres, and try to avoid any debris safely on the road while driving.
  • When you turn the car on check all the lights on the dash not just the fuel light; there is also one light for oil and another for coolant. Low oil makes your car work harder, causing costly and premature wear to the moving parts inside. Low coolant will make the engine overheat, creating major engine damage. Don’t feel confident in checking any of this yourself? A skilled mechanic has seen these issues all too many times and can help you out.
  • It’s recommended getting your car serviced before going on a long trip to ensure your car is safe to drive and hopefully helps you avoid those expensive road problems in advance.

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