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RAC Road safety: driver inattention

Episode: 12
Title: RAC Road safety: driver inattention
Broadcast: 22nd April 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Did you know that texting while driving at 100km an hour is equivalent to driving the length of Optus stadium blindfolded?

  • Inattention, be it deliberate or unintended is a major cause of road trauma here in WA and is comparable to speeding and drink driving. Many of these incidences can be avoided if drivers are attentive and pay attention to their surrounds.
  • RAC WA have joined surfing WA to create a new campaign called No TXT No Wrecks, which aims to educate young drivers on the dangers of inattention particularly texting whilst driving, as well as other general tips such as keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you.
  • Keep your eyes on the road, it could save your life.


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