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Kings Park

Episode: 11
Title: Kings Park
Broadcast: 15th April 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor is at Perth’s beautiful Kings Park, an iconic location that a vast majority of people who live in Western Australia most likely take for granted.

  • Opened in 1895 and originally known as Perth Park until 1901, the area was opened as a 400 Hectare parkland for the people.
  • As a well-travelled individual, Trevor rates the park as being in his top 3 public parks and gardens in the whole world and once you have walked in it you will completely understand what he means.
  • The area of the park is actually bigger than Central Park in New York and more than 3 times the states total population visit it each year.
  • Nature lovers will love the area and there are walking and jogging trails all over the park, with the birds calling and wildlife everywhere.
  • This Botanical garden is one of the most important in the world and is home to 12,500 West Australian plant species.
  • The park is accessible 365 days of the year and free of charge, with the month of September being one of the best times to visit when the Wildflower festival runs and the park explodes into colour.
  • If your idea of a great day is not walking all the trails and maybe having some great Western Australian food and wine, then check out the sensational Frasers restaurant and the nearby Café is another location to enjoy a meal and is especially for a great location for breakfast.
  • If it’s a gift or memento you are after, be sure to check out the gift shop featuring works from some of the state’s best artists.
  • Kings Park relatively modern history is eclipsed when you take into account the Noongar People, who have practiced their culture in the area for tens of thousands of years and throughout the park you will find discover sacred places, ceremonial sites that mean so much to this culture and is just another reason as to why you should come and celebrate this beautiful location we call Kings Park.

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