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Episode: 4
Title: Lombadina
Broadcast: 25th February 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

The Dampier Peninsula is a completely unique wonder to visit; just a 3-hour drive north from Broome. The landscape is extremely spiritual and it is a great way to feel connected to the land.

  • The Bard People have lived on this land for 10s of 1000s of years. They still live in Lombadina today as custodial owners of the land and offer many different experiences for visitors. It is a cultural infusion to open the eyes to the beauty of the area and the people.
  • Trevor heads oout with Robert Sivosado, traditional land owner and tour guide, to discover the region for a chat and a snorkel in the azure waters.
  • All snorkel gear is provided and the water is warm with great visibility of stunning tropical fish and colourful corals.
  • The tides in this region come in fast and push all the marine life from the outer water right into the shore meaning you can see some great marine life just off the beach.
  • Bard people are coastal people and their lives are based around the ocean. They follow the way their people live which is a simple life by the sea. They look after the land and hope the land will look after them.
  • There is accommodation at Lombadina so you are able to stay. There is also a great network of places on the Dampier Peninsula that are all close and provide a different range of accommodation options.

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