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Geike Gorge

Episode: 4
Title: Geike Gorge
Broadcast: 25th February 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

The Fitzroy River Lodge is a great place to base yourself when travelling the East Kimberley. It is built on stilts perfect for the wet season. To get a feel of the immense scale of the water received in this region during the wet season; Chrissy heads to Geike Gorge for a boat tour.

  • 20 minutes drive from Fitzroy River Lodge is Geike Gorge. The Department of Parks and Wildlife run a sunset tour town the gorge with a park ranger and frequently, a traditional landowner.
  • On this tour Jasmyn from Parks and wildlife is joined by Natalie, Danggu Traditional owner, to share stories and help visitors connect to the land and learn its language.
  • When you visit Geike Gorge the aim is to experience “country” and the local peoples identity. There is also a great science to learn in addition to the magnificent culture.
  • The fresh water mango trees are not just trees. They are used by the local people as a bush antiseptic for numbing any bites, cuts and even toothache.
  • Fresh water crocs linger under this water but there is also an ancient reef system created over 360 million years ago as the river links up to the main ocean. This means within the gorge you can find oceanic marine life such as Swordfish, bull sharks and stingrays- as well as crocodiles!
  • The limestone walls are an indication of how high the water can get during the wet season, which gives a great perspective of the immense amount of rain that falls in this region during the wet season.
  • The protector of this gorge is the old man, which is the big rock. You cannot climb the rock or swim too close to him out of respect.

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