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Whim Creek

Episode: 6
Broadcast: 29 May 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

If you travel to Karratha be prepared to explore the highways that surround it and the fascinating towns. In this segment Trevor takes us just an hour from the heart of Pilbara.

  • In this area is the 130-year-old town of Whim Well, also known as Whim Creek. It is often the centre point of cyclones making land fall in the Pilbara town, giving the town a colourful history.
  • At the heart of the town is the local pub. It is a destination for people passing through Karratha on the way to South Hedland.
  • The history includes changing ownerships, murders, mysteries, disasters and tragedy.
  • Pilbara is an hour North of Karratha and just a two-hour flight from Perth.

For more information on Karratha to plan your next trip visit the visitor centre website: