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Theo’s new book, new shop and new pizza

Episode: 1
Broadcast: 20/03/2015
Presenters: Lee Steele & Theo Kalogeracos

World pizza champion, Theo opened his first Little Caesars in Mundaring almost 20 years ago and it quickly became an iconic destination for West Australian Pizza lovers. This new store in Vic Park, WA makes the trip a little easier for many of us although apparently location is no object for some people.

  • In 1996 Little Caesars Pizzeria, in Mundaring, Western Australia was born;
  • Run as a family business by Theo Kalogeracos and his wife Elizabeth;
  • Internationally renowned;
  • Over the years Theo’s pizza prowess has seen him stamp his mark on the world stage, with titles including:
    • 2010 World Champion Pizza Maker – Las Vegas Pizza Show
    • 2006 Las Vegas Italian Chef Wars Winner
    • 2004 Member of Dairy Farmers Team Oz that won the Americas Plate
    • 2003 Australian Winner of Dairy Farmers Best of the Best
  • Theo’s passion for good pizza is reflected by the use of quality local produce and fresh ingredients and a lot of love!

Innovative pizza chef Theo Kalegeracos is one of WA's most loved foodies. The 2010 world pizza champion is about to have a big year: a new book, a new store and he shows us how to make one of his new pizzas.

  • Destination WA teammate, Theo Kalegeracos, holds the title of World Pizza Champion.
  • Theo opened his first Little Caesars in Mundaring almost 20 years ago. He also has a store in Victoria Park.
  • A massive music fan, Theo likes to name some of his pizzas after his favourite album or band. Eskimo Joe, Smashing Pumpkins and the Tame Impala are just a few of what he has to offer.

Theo's secret pizza code word: ihop