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Prawning in the river

Episode: 11
Broadcast: 21st December
Presenter: Kim Bridge & Caty Price

Prawning in the Swan River used to be a favourite family past time, and a cheap way to feed the family with fresh seafood.

  • With Perth’s warm summer nights, now is the perfect time of year to grab a prawn net and pass this tradition on to new generations of West Aussies and visitors to celebrate yet another simple but spectacular and unique quality our State has.
  • Night is the ideal time to catch prawns because they have eyes that glow red.
  • Unless you are fishing from a boat, you don’t need any license you can just bring the family down and have a go!
  • If you are out on the river collecting prawns look for the green tinge on the top of their shells to determine whether they are pregnant or not. Do the river a favour and release the pregnant prawns back into the water to go keep the cycling going.