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360 Snaps

Story: 360 Snaps
Episode: 12
Presenter: Saul Frank and Howard Frank
Air Date: 8 August 2021

Do you want to take your holiday happy snaps to the next level? The Frank brothers introduce us to the NEW 360 camera that will completely change the way we capture those holiday snaps and movies!

  • The Insta 360 ONE X2 camera can shoot super 5.7K 360 degrees with flow state stabilisation, slow motion, HDR photo and video and hyper-lapse.
  • The Insta 360 ONE X2 has automatic horizon leveling, smart speed-tamping and can shoot in low light conditions.
  • The Insta 360 ONE X2 Selfie Stick is 70cm in length and is referred to as the ‘invisible selfie stick’. It allows the user to capture easy aerial angles and unique third-person perspectives.
  • The Insta 360 camera can be attached to a tripod or a camera mount on your bike using the quarter-inch thread.
  • The Insta 360 camera is lightweight, compact and waterproof. This is beneficial to the user as it can be transported anywhere and can withstand most weather conditions.
  • The Flow Cam allows users to select a subject with a tap or voice command when shooting in 360. The tracking keeps the subject in the centre even when obstacles break the line of sight.

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