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Motorised Canoe Safari

Story: Motorised Canoe Safari
Episode: 12
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 31st January 2021

The Motorised Outrigger Canoe Safari is a unique and memorable experience, allowing visitors to discover an otherwise unseen side to the Cocos Keeling Islands.

  • The Motorised Outrigger Canoe Safari lets you explore waters that most boats are unable to go through.
  • It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the history and environment of the Cocos Islands.
  • The Safari stops at several remote and uninhabited islands, including Pulu Maraya, Pulu Blan and Pulu Blan Madar.
  • Pulu Maraya is a great spot to go snorkelling, with pristine reefs and an abundance of marine life.
  • Discover the islands’ incredible wildlife at Pulu Blan, which is home to the endangered blue-tailed skink.
  • Pulu Blan Madar is the final stop on the tour, where you can enjoy some refreshments before returning.

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