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The Wildflower Way

Story: The Wildflower Way
Episode: 6
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 20th December 2020

Western Australia is renowned for its stunning wildflowers and the rural municipals of Morawa and Perenjori are the perfect place to base yourself when going to see them.

  • There are some great food options in Morawa. You could grab lunch from the Wildflour Café or stop for dinner at the old pub.
  • The main street has ample parking, with plenty of room for vehicles that are towing caravans.
  • The Morawa Museum served three decades as the town’s police station, gaol and courthouse. It was dismantled in 1967 before being rebuilt in its current location.
  • The museum houses vintage farm machinery and equipment, as well as a remarkable collection of windmills.
  • The Monsignor Hawes Holy Cross Church can be found in Morawa. It was built using local stone and completed in 1934.
  • Morawa is a registered astrotourism town, meaning it’s not only a great place to see the wildflowers but it’s a great place to see the stars as well.
  • In Perenjori, you’ll find the People’s Pathway, which is a unique heritage trail that gives you some fantastic insight into life in rural Australia.
  • Perenjori also has its own piece of Hawes architecture, the St Joseph’s Church.
  • The Wheatbean Café is located in the middle of town. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in Perenjori’s unique charm without sacrificing your creature comforts.
  • The township is just 15mins from wildflower hotspots like Koolanooka Springs and Caron Dam.

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