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Kings Park Cultural Tours

Story: Kings Park Cultural Tours
Airdate: 13 October 2019
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Kings Park is a well-known Perth destination, and there are two Aboriginal cultural tours that will help you get a much greater understanding of the tour.

  • 6 Million people visit Kings Park or Kaarta Gar-up in the Nyungar language each year. The park is home to more than half of the state’s plant species and is full of history and culture – some easy to see, but you’ll need some help to discover others.
  • Kerry-Ann, from Nyungar Tours, had a grandmother that was born in Kings Park. There were many Nyungar people born in the park, with a statue erected to represent the mother and child.
  • The oasis was preserved by Lord Forrest, who had two Nyungar elders help him navigate the country. When he was told it was a special Noongar birthing area, Lord Forrest decided to preserve the area.
  • There are about 56 types of banksia species in Kings Park and Nyungar people would use them for many different purposes, including as medicine, as food, and to carry fire.
  • Go Cultural Tours are easy to spot in the park – those exploring are draped in a kangaroo skin which were used to make clothing to keep warm during the winter seasons.
  • This tour explains the dreaming stories of the area and how it felt to see the first ships sailing up the river.
  • The scar tree was used as a signpost, giving an indication as to whether you were in a man’s country or a woman’s country.
  • There are also trees within the park that used to cure cold and flu – inhaling the peppery scent would clear your sinus.

There is so much history to see and learn in the park, book your tour with Kerry-Ann or Walter today!