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Flying Sandgroper Tours

Segment: Flying Sandgroper Tours
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Date: 2nd December 2018

Karijini National Park is a truly special location, and it is one that few Australians have discovered for themselves. While it can be a challenge actually getting out to see it, there is a new tour that makes it a lot easier.

  • Flying Sandgroper Tours run one of the most exciting new fly in, fly out tours in the area.
  • The first step on the journey is Dales Gorge. Featuring an absolutely spectacular view, the gorge is an impossibly beautiful vista that is billions of years in the making.
  • The tour is attracting people from all over the world, though most of their customers are Australians looking to get out explore their own country.
  • Karijini is an ancient country, and can help you to disconnect from your normal life. As Australians, we are constantly busy and can be overstimulated at times, so travelling to Karijini to take a breath can be beneficial.
  • Flying Sandgroper Tours offer both regular and customised tours, with pick up locations including Exmouth and Coral Bay. Guests can fly into the Karijini airstrip, as the company takes advantage of air travel.
  • Food is a huge part of the experience, with the company offering excellent catering. With beef taken from the local stations, the company aims to show off the local produc