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Station Stays: Credo Station

Episode: Destination WA – Our Golden Outback
Title: Station Stays: Credo Station
Broadcast: 20th July 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Start your day right by staying in some perfect stations, just like Credo

  • Credo Station, set up back in 1904, in 1924 they went from running cattle to running sheep. It’s now used as a research station and a base for conservation.
  • Just down the road is a great camping ground, run by Trevor Donaldson Jr. A member of the local aboriginal land and sea rangers, and a Tour Guide, for Dreamtime Tours. He will take you to the only freshwater wetland in the Goldfields region. Rolls Lagoon.
  • Rolls Lagoon is now a Nature Reserve and when the lagoon is full, the locals water-ski here!
  • When you are in this vast area, it’s hard to miss how challenging the environment is. Trevor speaks with the team about how the ecology has adapted over the years.
  • This includes the bird ‘Malleefowl’ who create large nests nearby. When they lay their eggs, the will bury them, then dig them up, then bury them again, an so on. This continuous cycle controls the temperature of the eggs, and once the eggs hatch, within three hours they fly their nest.
  • Walking through the bush, Trevor Donaldson Jr shows Trevor a unique bush tucker plant. The silky pear!

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