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Widgemooltha and land sailing

Episode: Destination WA – Our Golden Outback
Title: Widgemooltha and land sailing
Broadcast: 20th July 2018
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

Driving yourself wild around the goldfields.. you can keep yourself entertained for hours pondering the meaning of the names of the of the towns as you explore, but what about this one? Widgiemooltha.

  • Widgiemooltha is half way between Laverton and Coolgardie. It’s a great opportunity to refuel both your car and yourself. What’s been drawing people to the area for years is the promise of striking it rich.
  • The golden eagle was discovered here in 1931, weighing in at 1300oz it remains the largest gold nugget ever found in WA.
  • The locals tell us it’s an aboriginal name meaning eagles beak.
  • 20 minute’s drive from the Widgiemooltha Roadhouse is one of the world’s largest salt lake, Lake Lefroy, covering a size of 510 square kilometres!
  • It is home to some of the fastest land sailing crafts on the planet.
  • Land sailing began with an adventurer 400 years ago and Blokart land sailing has been doing it here for 120 years.
  • Brian has reached speeds of 110kmh.

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