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Esperance – Lucky Bean Café

Episode: 2
Title: Esperance – Lucky Bean Café
Broadcast: 11th February 2018
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane & Chrissy Morrissy

Located 810kms south-east of Perth and 80kms out of Esperance is one of Australia’s most photographed beaches, Lucky Bay. We also stop by the Lucky Bean Café, right on the beach, for a coffee as good as the white sands.

  • The beach is 5kms long and is officially the whitest beach in Australia. The beach sees more than 100,000 tourists a year.
  • Lucky Bay is the perfect place to bring the family for a holiday. You can fish, camp, swim, play some beach games or simply just relax.
  • The Lucky Bean Café is set up on the beachfront, and is owned by Djaltjraak (Duljarark) elder Doc Reynolds, whose mob have been enjoying the sights and sharing food at the bay for thousands of years. The café operates 9 months a year.
  • Doc combines the love of coffee culture with a twist of local ingredients and stories to serve up a unique experience.
  • Doc started the business on the beach when tourists and visitors to the bay would ask him if there was a place for a coffee or tea whilst on tours. He created the unique coffee varieties he has called the Kangacino and the Joeycino, named after the wild kangaroos which inhabit the beach. Kangaroos can be seen regularly feeding on the white sands.
  • The beach also has a very special feature, it squeaks! The minerals such as quartz, crystalline and granite sands give the sand its unusual sound.

P: 0418 913 414