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Island Food and Stargazing

Episode: 6
Title: Island Food and Stargazing
Broadcast: 3rd September 2017
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

After a long enjoyable day of fishing Trevor enjoys a beautiful dinner cooked by Chef Carlos under the stars.

  • The fishing out on the Mackerel Islands is one of the best experiences you could ever have, after a day on the water you’ll feel so relaxed and fulfilled, which is the perfect time to have dinner with friends under the stars.
  • Chef Carlos cooks some fresh Spanish Mackerel caught from the day fishing.
  • Chef Carlos stuffs the Mackerel with onions, tomatoes and leaks. He drizzles some garlic herb oil and olive oil, He also adds some salt and pepper.
  • They also cook up some prawns, scallops, muscles, veggies and some chilli.
  • Trevor and his friends sit down to enjoy dinner on the beach under the stars.

Mackerel Islands
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