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Lake Argyle

Episode: 2
Lake Argyle
Broadcast: August 6th
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissey

Chrissy visits the stunning Lake Argyle for a sunset boat cruise. The water is stunning and she cannot resist jumping in- even if she is sharing the water with Crocodiles!

  • Lake Argyle is Australia’ s biggest body of fresh water, it’s 21 times the size of Sydney Harbour.
  • Entry fee to the lake includes the Lake Argyle Explorer Cruise, the tour guide Charlie Sharp runs the company and lives and breathes lake argyle, living there for 43 years.
  • The Kimberly Durack is a three-and-a-half-hour cruise, filled with great scenery all the way through to sunset.
  • On the tour you can see where the rocks were used to make the dam wall which stands 90 meters tall and is 300 meters wide at the base.
  • Along the way there’s the history of the pioneers in the Kimberly and there’s the natural landscape to talk about as well. There are over 20 thousand fresh water crocs in Lake Argyle.
  • Fish are fed from the boat, silver cobbler and archer fish so close you could reach out and catch them.

Lake Argyle
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