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Hutt River Province

Episode: 13
Broadcast: 17th July 2016
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

Carmen takes us on an international visit to The Principality of Hutt River, an independent sovereign sate located within WA.

  • Join Carmen on a journey into a foreign land and an economical approach to international travel. The Hutt River Province is separated from the state of WA and a legitimate micro nation of its own.
  • The founder Prince Leonard takes some time to chat with Carmen about his secession from Australia on April 21st 1970.
  • There are a few sites to take in, like the 300-piece royal art exhibition, the museum and the gift shop. Just make sure you stock up on the local currency! There’s even a camping area.

For more information, visit the ­­Principality of Hutt River website on: