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Driving the Coral Coast

Episode: 13
Broadcast: 17th July 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor drives around the coast of Kalbarri taking in its magnificent sights. Sit back, take it all in and soak up the amazing sun on the Coral Coast.

  • It’s impossible to take a bad picture on the Coral Coast and Trevor proves this as he shows us the famous and gorgeous Kalbarri Coastal Gorges.
  • See the gorgeous Jakes Point, with its deep blue water and incredible waves. Head south to Pot Alley where you tower over the beautiful sea below. The next stop is Rainbow Valley, a very unique rock form, followed by the remarkable Mushroom Rock, which has been worn by the ocean over millions of years.
  • If you love whale and dolphin spotting, make sure you stop at Eagle Gorge where you can watch them play and splash through the waves. The gorge is named after the wedge tail eagles that nest in the gorge and you can also see some very spectacular views.

For more information, visit the Australia’s Coral Coast website on: