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C Y O’Connor’s Fremantle

Episode: 5
Broadcast: 22 May 2016
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor teams up with Richard Offen from Heritage Perth to take a look at a man who shaped Western Australia.

  • Fremantle Harbour is one of the busiest and most important import and export ports in the state. Each year, hundreds of ships pass through this harbour, supplying goods to West Australians, and delivering many of WA’s exports to the rest of the world.
  • This area has always played an important role in Western Australia, with the Swan River Colony using Fremantle as a port to receive ships full of vital supplies from the moment they arrived in 1829.
  • C Y O’Connor is responsible for modernizing the Fremantle Port and making it more accessible for ships to load and unload their cargo.
  • A statue of O’Connor and his horse can be seen in the water at C Y O’Connor beach, and also at the Fremantle Port’s building.