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Episode: 3
Broadcast: 8th May 2016
Presenter: Pete Curulli

Pete suits up in pink and goes to war, paintballing.

  • Paintball is a rising sport that sets visitors up in full overalls, handed a gun and sent on a field to shoot the opposite team. There are a number of different game types such as capture the flag, conquer the village, brave the tunnel, explore the castle and so much more.
  • Wasp Paintball has four venues located at Joondalup, Baldivis, Wanneroo and Clackline, each of these venues have very uniquely styled fields with immersive gameplay and objectives.
  • Paintballing almost feels like you’re stepping into a real life warzone, you need to rely heavily on your teammates; communication and clever tactics are the key to achieving victory and avoiding defeat.
  • For those who feel the need of the true war experience, Wasp also offers the Resurgence Day all day scenario events. The event is open to beginners and veterans, and the whole paintball park becomes a warzone with two sides; Red and Blue. These battles can have up to over 100 people on each side.

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