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Exmouth Colour (Yardie Creek)

Episode: 13
Broadcast: 7th June
Presenter: Caty Price

Caty continues her journey along the Coral Coast, taking a boat tour at Yardie Creek.

  • Yardie Creek Boat Tours is a local business based in Exmouth that offers excitement and knowledge about Yardie Creek, its local flora, fauna and history.
  • The boat tours work closely with the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) in Exmouth, providing wildlife data reports from Yardie Creek on a routine basis, assisting the ongoing research, monitoring and management of the area.
  • The boat tours are committed to following core principles of Ecotourism, supporting the philosophy of low impact nature based tourism.

Contact: Yardie Creek Boat Tours – 9949 2920


Beach Service:

Department of Parks and Wildlife