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Heritage Perth

Episode: 6
Broadcast: 19th April
Presenter: Lee Steele

We often associate Perth as a relatively young city and tend to undervalue our architectural history… Lee Steele meets with Richard Offen, Executive Director of Heritage Perth, to find out just how significant our old buildings means to Perth.

  • The Barracks Arch is located at the western end of St Georges Terrace and is only a part of what was once an entire building.
  • In 1961, the Government intended to demolish the barracks to facilitate the building of the Mitchell Freeway. The Royal Western Australian Historical Society formed a Barracks Defence Council and joined the public outcry against demolition in 1966.
  • The motion to demolish the arch was defeated on October 1966 and the Arch remains to this day as a reminder of Perth’s history and how it has grown into the city it is today.
  • The Old Courthouse is the first court building constructed in Perth, and is the city’s oldest surviving public building.
  • Aside from its original purpose, the Old Courthouse was used as a temporary place of worship and then a schoolroom.
  • Heritage Perth is a fairly young organisation that was formed to conserve and maintain Perth’s history by encouraging the community of Perth to actively value and celebrate it.

Heritage Perth: Contact - +61 (0) 9461 3244