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Matt Hale Hypnotist

Episode: 5
Broadcast: 12th April
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

Carmen interviews Matt Hale, comedy hypnotist only to find herself under his hypnotic spell.

  • Matt Hale is a West Aussie that started off as a breakfast show producer but became a successful comedy hypnotist, regularly travelling between Australia, UK and Vegas.
  • Matt Hale’s most famous hypnotized victim was Mike Tyson, who had elevated Tyson to the point that he ended up screaming; “You are amazing, you’re gonna take over the world!”
  • Matt Hale has appeared in the media as diverse as the UK’s tabloids, BBC, ABC and Today Tonight, he has also released his own range of hypnosis CD’s.

Contact: Matt Hale, Comedy Hypnotist – 1300 660 490