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Long Table Lunch

Episode: 5
Broadcast: 12th
Presenter: Theo Kalogeracos

When it comes to sharing food with friends, family and customers, Theo is your man. But this time, Theo is out to experience the delicious food that Rockingham has to offer.

  • The Long Table Lunch on the Beach is an event showcasing why Rockingham is really developing a reputation as a destination for all foodies, set against the backdrop of a stunning beach.
  • The event is entertaining on a grand scale, there are bands performing and the kitchens are pumping out some serious, top quality food.
  • Though this year’s Long Table Lunch has come to end, you’re able to wait until next year’s long table lunch, but until then, the great Rockingham chefs and their teams are cooking up a storm in their kitchens.

Contact: Rockingham Kwinana, Chamber of Commerce – (08) 9592 3333