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Seafood Pizza

Episode: 3
Broadcast: 29th March
Presenter: Caty Price & Theo Kalogeracos

If you’re a West Aussie of European descent, Easter is a major cultural event on your calendar. Theo enlists Caty to put together an Easter Feast

  • Theo Kalegeracos, who holds the title of World Pizza Champion, makes his favourite seafood dish on a pizza; prawns baked in the oven with a tomato sauce on top.
  • Add to the base of the pizza, fresh garlic and cheese; make sure the cheese is placed mainly on the outside of the base. Add Australian prawns then roasted red capsicum, some olives and broken up onions so the prawns are slightly covered.
  • Finally, add some red sauce and cooked fettuccini - then place the pizza in the oven. Let the pizza bake for 7 minutes, take the pizza out of the oven after it is ready. Squeeze some lemon over the pizza and sprinkle oregano so it brings out all of the flavour of the delicious treat..