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WA Museum – Our Shipwreck History

Episode: 2
Broadcast: 22nd March
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy

The WA Museum’s shipwreck galleries are home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of maritime archaeology, but what’s inside is just the tip of the iceberg.. grab your mask and snorkel for this hands on chance to learn more about our amazing shipwrecks.

  • The outdoor shipwreck sites are like extensions of the galleries in Fremantle, and the WA museum has started a diving trail project to let us interact with them.
  • The WA Museum has done an amazing job encouraging us to discover more for ourselves, offering shipwreck maps and dive trail pamphlets for wreck hotspots around the state.
  • We dove the Omeo for our story. Its located in South Fremantle, less than 30 metres off the shore of Coogee beach, in about 2 – 6 metres of water depending on the tide. It was an easy snorkel and perfect for beginners as it is on a very sandy bottom… Enjoy.