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Sculpture by the Sea

Episode: 2
Broadcast: 22nd March
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood

As if Cottesloe Beach could get anymore beautiful.. well each year for three weeks this remarkable strip of coastline turns into a world-class outdoor gallery.

This year marked the 11th Sculpture by the Sea, at the iconic West Australian Beach and its an exhibition that has been enjoyed by more than 200 hundred thousand people since is opened on the 6th of March.
More than 31 of the sculptures exhibited in 2015 came from WA artists including the hugely interactive work WATER DREAMING, which saw fit balls filled with 20 thousand tons of seawater and dug into the sand to represent a traditional aboriginal dot painting… the kids loved it!

If you missed out this year check out their website and make a date for fish and chips at sunset next March!