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Lancelin Weekends

Episode: 6
Story: Lancelin Weekends
Presenter: Jo Beth Taylor
Air Date: 28 November 2021

Exploring the turquoise coast, Jo Beth checks out the beautiful coastal town of Lancelin.

  • Lancelin is located 127 kms north of Perth, along the West Australian coastline.
  • Lancelin is a small fishing and tourist town that sits within the Shire of Gingin.
  • Lancelin is close to the shipwreck site of the Vergulde Draeck that wrecked on rocks close to shore in 1656.
  • Known for its clean sandy beaches, relaxed lifestyle and crisp white dunes, Lancelin is a true holiday secret.
  • The number one activity on Lancelin is sandboarding. Sitting or standing, solo or tandem. Unlike snowboarding, no special training or skill is required.
  • Four wheeling on the sand dunes is another fun activity for thrill seekers visiting Lancelin.
  • When going off road, it is important to consider tyre pressure, bogging risks and most importantly – to do your research.
  • When driving it’s important to consider your safety, be aware of surroundings and undertake any training that may be required.
  • Lancelin is an adventure lover’s paradise and a great place to test your 4-wheel driving skills.

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