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Adventurous Women

Story: Adventurous Women
Episode: 12
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 8 August 2021

Did you know we have a Camino trail out of Perth? Carmen puts on her walking shoes to join a WA formed tour group offering exciting and friendly tours for women.

  • The Pilgrim Trail, also known as the Camino Salvado, follows the historic journey of Dom Rosendo Salvado, the Spanish Benedictine monk who pilgrimaged from Subiaco in Perth to establish New Norcia, 183 kms away, back in 1846.
  • Adventurous Women is a group formed to help build friendships, confidence, and camaraderie amongst women as they explore the world together.
  • The group was formed 13 years ago by Sue Hile. She was inspired to create the group in her mid-40s when she became unhappy with her life and needed some adventure.
  • The group runs a variety of tours such as; yoga retreats, hiking and mystery tours for women all over the world.
  • The trail starts in Subiaco and walks through Claisbroook Cove in East Perth and down the river to Banks Reserve in Mt Lawley.
  • Matagarup Bridge is a suspension pedestrian bridge crossing over the Swan River in Perth, Western is the name given by traditional custodians to the area around Heirisson Island and means ‘place where the river is only leg deep, allowing it to be crossed’.
  • The Adventurous Women guides tend to be experienced adventure-seekers, which helps comfort and instill confidence in the women that sign up that they are in safe hands.