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Story: Northampton
Episode: 11
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson
Air Date: 1st August 2021

Nikki visits Northampton to explore the local Indigenous culture, settler history and natural beauty of the town.

  • The heritage-listed town of Northampton is the oldest settlement in WA.
  • Northampton is located approximately 40 minutes north of Geraldton.
  • In Spring, Northampton is a popular destination to see the wildflowers.
  • Northampton Visitors centre, it’s a great place to call in and get all your information about this town’s activities, best attractions and to visit the RSL Museum.
  • Northampton is home to historically significant buildings, like the Sacred Heart Convent and St Mary in Ara Coeli church built by architect-priest, Monsignor Hawes for the Presentation Sisters.
  • Oakabella Homestead is a National Trust property surrounded by dramatic landscapes, offering caravan and camping accommodation, as well as tea rooms (famous for their scones) and Homestead Tours.
  • The Homestead and many other areas of Northampton have sadly been damaged by cyclone Seroja.
  • The Aboriginal Rock Walls of the Willy Gully Caves are located 20 minutes out of Northampton. The rock art was created over 150 years ago, describing their traditions, ideas and values at the time.

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