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Fishing the Swan River

Episode: 13
Broadcast Date: 03/05/014
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Where can you catch the freshest, best eating table fish on our city’s doorstep? If you guessed the Swan River, you guessed right.

Canning Adventure

  • If it’s just for fun or for dinner, the Swan River has a guide to fishing on the river.
  • You’ll find 10kg Mulloway in places like Blackwall Reach. They are known to lurk deep down in the gullies and trenches waiting on an unsuspecting smaller fish to come by and become breakfast.
  • If you’re after a Giant Herring, Pike, Leather jacket or maybe even Skippy, head to places like the Causeway, Ascot and Belmont for are Black bream, a fine eating fish
  • Check out the Swan River Trust’s guide on where to do what activity while on the Swan.
  • Interested in competing in bream fishing competitions? Check out the latest events.