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Things to Do in Port Hedland

Story: Things to Do in Port Hedland
Episode: 3
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 6 June 2021

Trev takes a trip up to Port Hedland and proves that it is much more than just a mining own!

  • The Footpath Markets are held on Sundays in from of the visitor centre and offer a range of interesting crafted goods, such as handmade cards and jewellery.
  • Marrapikurrinya Park is located right on the edge of the harbour. It’s a great spot to watch the ore ships and pilots navigate the channel to gain access in and out of the harbor.
  • The ships are filled by trains, 3km in length, that travel between the various mines to the port. Not all the trains are manually operated, many are operated remotely from Perth.
  • Redbank Bridge lookout is the ideal location to view these huge traveling trains.
  • The Salt Works Industry in Port Hedland is one of the biggest in the world. Additionally, the large mountains of white crystal salt are a fantastic sight to see.
  • During July and August, thousands of whales track through the coastline near Port Hedland, migrating north.
  • Flatback turtles are seen laying eggs between November - January with babies hatching between December – March.
  • The Don Rhodes Mining and Transport Museum is an open-air museum that pays tribute to the pastoral, railway, manganese and iron ore industries.
  • Fishing in Port Hedland is a popular activity and the environment there caters to all types of fishing.

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