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Exploring the Canning River

Episode:  12
Broadcast Date: 26/04/014
Presenter: Haley Thompson

The Swan River is a major part of our West Australian identity and the Canning River is a major tributary of the Swan - which means it’s a smaller river that connects to the larger and primary Swan River, just down stream of the Canning bridge in Melville. This means that the Canning, while part of the Swan has it’s own unique identity and a few special things to offer.

Canning Adventure

  • The Canning River Regional park runs alongside the river for about 6k’s on either side - providing heaps of great parklands for water sports and for families to swim, picnic and hangout as well huge wetlands for some amazing native wildlife.
  • From the River you will be able to see several historic sights such as; the Woodloes Homestead that was built in 1874 or the old Mason’s Landing Saw Mill.
  • Just like the Swan River, plenty of incredible marine life can be found in the Canning River such as dolphins, swans and pelicans.
  • If you’d like to explore the Canning River get in contact with the River Gods today.