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Perth Mint

Story: Perth Mint
Episode: 11
Presenter: Nikki Parkinson
Air Date: 24th January 2021

The Perth Mint is Australia’s oldest operating mint and one of Perth’s premier tourist destinations, where you can experience the magic, allure and wonder of gold.

  • The Perth Mint was built in 1899 in response to the discovery of rich gold deposits in Coolgardie and Kalgoorlie.
  • The King Henry and the Karratha Queen are the largest native specimens of gold and silver in existence and the newest additions to The Perth Mint’s exhibition.
  • The One Tonne Coin was awarded the title of the ‘largest coin’ by Guinness World Records. It’s worth over $90 million at current gold prices.
  • Find out what your weight is worth in gold on The Perth Mint’s walk-on scales.
  • Watch the live gold pouring to discover how a gold nugget is transformed into a gold bar.
  • Finish your day with a personalised medallion engraving or head to the Pink Diamond Room and treat yourself with a rare piece of diamond jewellery.

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