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Diving (Extra Divers)

Story: Diving (Extra Divers)
Episode: 11
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 24th January 2021

Christmas Island is just as beautiful underwater as it is on land, with stunning coral reefs and a diversity of ocean life making it a diver’s paradise.

  • Extra Divers is owned and operated by Dave Watchorn and the one-stop shop for anyone who is looking for a phenomenal diving experience while on Christmas Island.
  • The Eidsvold is a Norwegian ship that was hit by a Japanese torpedo shortly after its arrival on Christmas Island in 1942.
  • Its wreckage has culminated into a spectacular dive site that’s just a 5-minute boat ride from Flying Fish Cove.
  • The clear water is perfect for exploring the coral gardens and discovering a vast range of fish and other sea creatures.
  • The dive lasts around 50 mins and takes you to a maximum depth of 18m.

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