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Behind the Scenes of Caversham Wildlife Park

Story: Behind the Scenes of Caversham Wildlife Park
Episode: 6
Presenter: Chrissy Morrissy
Air Date: 20th December 2020

Chrissy pays a visit to the much-loved Caversham Wildlife Park to learn about how they provide and care for their animals.

  • Caversham Wildlife Park is just a 25-minute drive from Perth CBD and funded solely by its visitors.
  • Caversham is home to nearly 2,000 animals, all of which need feeding.
  • More than 100kgs of food is prepared in the kitchen at Caversham every day.
  • The park tries to mimic the animals’ natural diets as closely as possible.
  • The animals’ diets are highly specialised and signed off by a zoological dietitian.
  • There’s a couple of signs that the animals are getting the right type and amount of nutrition, a healthy weight being one of them.
  • Caversham Wildlife Park has a volunteer program, so contact them to get involved and help care for these animals.

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