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Barra Fishing onthe Ord River

Episode:  12
Broadcast Date: 26/04/14
Presenter: Dan Paris

There’s no place like the Ord River, especially when it comes to fishing for Barramundi .

Ord River Adventure

  • The Ord River stretches for over 320k's and it's catchment covers 46100 square kilometres.
  • Completed in 1971, Lake argyle is the largest artificial lake by volume in Australia. The lower reaches of the Ord are home to some of the most pristine, inaccessible forests and creeks unseeable on foot.
  • Plan your next fishing trip on the river with Barramundi Adventures
  • The Ord Valley Muster  is held between then 16th and 25th of May.
  • If you are seeking a relaxing place to put your head after a day of fishing check in at The Fresh Water Apartments.