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The Miners Pathway - Sandstone

Story: The Miners Pathway - Sandstone
Episode: 4
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 6th December 2020

Carmen visits the unique rural town of Sandstone as she traverses Western Australia’s golden outback.

  • Sandstone, along with 6 other Murchison Shires, is part of Australia’s first geopark. This means that it was recognised by UNESCO as worth preserving.
  • The Sandstone Heritage Trail is an 18km drive that highlights some of the key geological and historical attractions in Sandstone.
  • There are big stretches of breakaways along the trail, like London Bridge, which is believed to be 350 million years old.
  • The former State Battery, Contradiction Well and the old brewery are all great stops for sightseers as well.
  • The National Hotel was 1 of 4 hotels that were built in Sandstone during the gold rush. It is the only one still standing and welcoming visitors for a drink.
  • The night sky in Sandstone is dark with little light pollution, making it a fantastic place to see the stars. The Shire has even installed a telescope for visitors to enjoy.

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