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Caversham’s Fostering Program

Story: Caversham’s Fostering Program
Episode: 4
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 6th December 2020

Caversham Wildlife Park has been a much-loved attraction for over thirty years. Carmen shares a fantastic way that you can help them take care of Australia’s wildlife.

  • Caversham Wildlife Park is funded solely by its visitors and, consequently, has been left devastated by the ban on travel.
  • Caversham is running a fostering program to help them give love, support and vital care to the many Australian animals that live there.
  • There are 4 foster packages and they start at just $25.00.
  • Jesse is a baby wombat that was thrown from her mother’s pouch when she was 4 months old.
  • Jesse has been cared for around the clock, allowing her to become the 5kg wombat that she is today.
  • You can choose which animal you’d like to foster, stay updated on their progress and see where your money is going.
  • You’ll also get the benefit of knowing that Caversham Wildlife Park will be able to maintain their outstanding conservation efforts throughout the years ahead.

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