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Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Story: Glass Bottom Boat Tour
Episode: 4
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 6th December 2020

If you’re not a confident swimmer, the glass-bottom boat tour is a great way to explore the Cocos Keeling Islands’ spectacular marine life.

  • The glass-bottom boat tour leaves from West Island and goes across the lagoon to Horsburgh Island before stopping at Direction Island and Prison Island.
  • Horsburgh Island was named after the British hydrographer, James Horsburgh, who mapped the islands and named them after William Keeling.
  • Horsburgh Island has a fascinating history. John Clunies-Ross set up a deer park on the island upon settlement and there was guns placements there in WWII.
  • The waters surrounding the Cocos Keeling Islands have stunning coral reefs interwoven in a patchwork quilt amongst incredibly azure blue waters.
  • The reefs, which are made up of sponges, corals and millions of colourful fish, are something to behold.
  • The Phaeton is a shipwreck just off the coast of Direction Island. It ran aground in 1889 and is now home to a thriving ecosystem.

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