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Fitzroy Crossing to Mimbi Caves

Episode:  11
Broadcast Date: 19/04
Presenter: Dan Paris

Taking on a great Kimberely road trip starts with knowing the basics, like where all the hidden gems are!

Another World Away

  • in Fitzroy Crossing I can certainly recommend it. There's some wonderful character buildings here set amongst a tropical forest. Very friendly feel to the place.
  • Fitzroy Crossing is the gateway to the Geikie Gorge National Park. Known for it’s spectacular waterway with soaring weathered cliffs and abundant wildlife.
  • Fitzroy River Lodge is located on the banks of the mighty Fitzroy River. It’s iconic surroundings and true country vibes; make it a must when travelling along the Great Northern Highway.
  • The Mimbi Caves attract geologists from all over the world.  The system uncovers an ancient large scale fossilized reef system that is one of the best preserved on earth.
  • You can get your very own tour of the Mimbi Caves by Ronnie and Rosemary by calling 08 9191 5355.