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National Parks

Story: National Parks
Episode: 3
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 29th November 2020

With national park making up almost two thirds of Christmas Island, it truly is a nature lovers paradise.

  • Christmas Island is a volcanic seamount that’s been above the waves for 5 million years.
  • There’s over 250 species that are endemic to the island, making it an incredible and unique environment.
  • The rainforest is unlike anywhere else because the red crabs, which are a keystone species on the Christmas Island, adapt and shape the forest community.
  • The Dales Ramsar wetland is one of the few spots on the island where you get water coming through at the surface and the basalt is exposed.
  • These streams support  a different vegetation type to many other areas of the island.
  • They’re also a real attractant for the land crabs and migratory species that come to Christmas Island from South East Asia.
  • The blowholes can be found on the south side of island. They spray seawater high into the air when large swells pound against the limestone cliffs.

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