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Home Island

Story: Home Island
Episode: 3
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane
Air Date: 29th November 2020

As one of the two islands that are inhabited in the Cocos Keeling Islands, Home Island gives a great insight into the Cocos Malay people.

  • Around 600 people live on Home Island, 86% of which speak a form of Malay known as old trading style.
  • The Pulu Cocos Museum is a great place to explore. It tells the history of the first settlers and the Clunies-Ross dynasty.
  • The Clunies-Ross dynasty began with John Clunies-Ross, who built coconut plantations and brought workers from Malaysia to work on them.
  • The Clunies-Ross family set up residence in Oceania House on Home Island, which stands today as a reminder of times gone by.
  • The Home Island Cemetery is absolutely breathtaking. It was added to the Australian Commonwealth Heritage List in 2004.
  • There’s authentic Malaysian cuisine available on the island, along with your classic Aussie meals.
  • The cornerstone of the Malaysian community is the Islamic religion. The 3 mosques on Home Island are a central part of the Cocos Malay peoples’ lives.

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