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The Miner’s Pathway- Cue, The Queen of the Murchison

Story: The Miner’s Pathway- Cue, The Queen of the Murchison
Episode: 2
Presenter: Carmen Braidwood
Air Date: 22nd November 2020

Carmen continues her journey across Australia’s golden outback, stopping at the once thriving gold rush town of Cue.

  • Cue is still a relatively popular destination amongst prospectors fossicking for gold and gems.
  • It was so important to gold production in the early twentieth century that it was known as The Queen of the Murchison.
  • The Shire Administration building was once the head office of the London and WA Investment Company and later served as a gentleman’s club.
  • The building is now home to an impressive collection of historic photographs that are on display.
  • The imposing Masonic Lodge is the biggest free-standing corrugated iron building in the southern hemisphere.
  • Walga Rock, 48kms from Cue, is the second biggest monolith in Australia after Uluru and steeped in significance to the Aboriginal people.

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